Glad to Help

pexels-photo-167964We were recently contacted by an individual who was in the midst of a foreclosure. They had days before bank auction and had received one of our mailers.

After a detailed conversation, it was determined that every solution we could offer would not help this potential client to their end goal; staying in their home. So what did we do?

We could have wiped out hands and been done with it. In fact, a multitude of other investors would have done just that.


We reached out to a few legal advisors and forwarded the individual’s situation and contact information.

What did we get from this? Nothing… We just helped and due to our efforts, the individual was able to save their home and negotiate with the lender in order to stop the foreclosure and remove the obstacles that caused the situation in the first place.

It made us feel good. Sure we didn’t make any money but it’s not just about profit with us.

Willow Park Home Solutions