Little Ol’ Lady and her Big Ol’ House

Have you ever been in a situation where you really didn’t know what you were getting into?


That was the exact situation of one of our clients. She reached out to us after receiving marketing from Willow Park Home Solutions. She had been left a house after her husband had passed. On first meeting, she was a genuine and sweet lady that cared big and shared big. She admitted that her knowledge of the market and of her house was limited. She didn’t know the value, or what she SHOULD ask for the property.

In this circumstance, I have seen many a person get dragged through the ringer only to come out feeling cheated. If you ask around, it’s a common enough occurrence. Luckily for her, she contacted our company. I proceeded to give her a fair estimate on the property as it stood and she was overjoyed by the value. The numbers I gave were far more than she had imagined but it still allowed a margin for us to profit as well.

A true win-win.

After some time I was able to close the deal with a fellow investor and everyone walked away with a great opportunity and a smile. That’s the key for us. I want everyone to win and to walk away from the table feeling confident in their choice.

How many investors can say that?

Willow Park Home Solutions